Need help. Have this recipe for Dukka, which I want to try with my "brewing" batch of Stecca. Trouble is, I have this recipe that wants me to measure things llike dried leaf kitchen table leaf kitchen table lemon peel and chile flakes by the ounce. Is there an easy way to do this? I have a digital scale, but this seems wierd and difficult. Am I just a whuss? Help me ouut here, if you can. EGYPTIAN DUKKAH BLEND pound almonds or hazelnuts / ounces chili flakes (preferably Aleppo) ounce garlic powder ounces cumin seed, toasted and ground / ounce dried lemon zest, zested with a microplane and dried in the oven at *** F ounce sea salt Roast your nuts in ***F for about minutes or until fragrant. Watch the nuts dont burn! After cooling, rub as much of the skins off as possible. Rough chop the nuts in a food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse the food processor until they are fully incorporated. Cool, store in container with tight lid on countertop. I promise it wont last long youll use it on everything! Try sprinkling on salads, steamed vegetables, roasted chicken, fish or shrimp, topping for a roasted garlic soup,Shouldn't be that hard... Put the mixing bowl on there and tare it to after you add each ounce of whatever it is. The other way would be to look up "how many tablespoons of lemon peel in an ounce" (and so on) on google but that seems really time consuming.Depends on the scale, but generally yes. Mine does and it's just a little cheapy deal. Here's how I'd do it if it were me: Put the mixing bowl on the scale. Tare it out, so it reads . slowly add garlic powder it readsounce. Tare it again. Slowly add almonds it readspound. Tare. Etc.Thx Yarrowwind. I'll take your advice. :}agreedYou guys are way too kind, and also too KEWL! (new word...I ain't yet!)Thanks for the help, , and the lovin', WUPF. I'll try the tare.I use this website. It has an area for converting weight to volume specifiy for cooking.

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Family home of Cards Debt Crisis and US Economy Revealed - Understanding Why There isn't an FIX / WAY OUTBernanke has generated the grand ponzi schemebanksters run the fed leading benefactorsand the govtilliterate losers post links^^ for MORONS enj berlitz commercial funny berlitz commercial funny oy youBernanke's Fake RecoveryFake BewbzStagflation? dometards shedding off big in recent boomCurrent boom? QE PERIOD BOOOOOMNot really. Check out Dow Resurgence Once you look at diet prices, dry staples, gift container metals, oil charges, they have ended up steady to silver. The fluctuations had been value. If you boughtstock of the dow when ?t had been at, when was elected could possibly have made you profit gold. Now once you cashed out you should cash out through, however that only buys gold backside, before fees upon your "profits".

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swine flu? you must have just come back fromThe agency warned, though, that a seasonal vac The particular agency warned, even though, that the seasonal vaccine will never guard against a fourth, potentially additional dangerous, strain scattering worldwide. This malware, a novel HN influenza widely known as swine flu, has caused greater than, cases and deaths in the united states and its territories. Its novelty is what makes it so harmful. Most people, specifiy those younger in comparison with, haven't been subjected to the new virus or viruses as if it, so they're rather defenseless against. About, the World Health and fitness Organization issued it's highest infectious-disease conscientious, declaring that some sort of flu pandemic received begun. The pandemic flu virus solely compounds the currently considerable threat asked by seasonal influenza, which brings about about, hospitalizations and also, deaths every season, says Fiore, a flu epidemiologist on the U. S. Centres for Disease Management and Prevention. "We know most of these (seasonal) viruses cause plenty of deaths in seniors, people with serious disease and small babies, " they says. "It seems to us the fact that reasonable action to take is go maximum spee black granite kitchen black granite kitchen d ahead along with seasonal flu vaccines. "you MEXOPHOBES are usually narrowminded PIGS....... better half & I just simply returned from good weeks there; excellent time & nice men and women. They make most of us look SICK, ironiy!!!....

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ways to prepare for the coming anarchy - year availabilit of Toilet Paper -- bottles of Javex (this are often used to purify water as well) - Gallons of gas on hand -Traded my Escape in for a, thus trippling backyard I can drive for a passing fancy fuel, though at minimal carrying capacity and terrain advantage -I am during this process of getting a new Hand Gun and I begin purchasing a Glock (maybe of them) then i can along the route to work. I may probably buy a silencer with it so I will be able to evil people without giving my location away.... -I own purchased rounds connected with ammo for your, -, and the and gauge shot guns. Carrying an effort gun down prairie gold foods minneapolis prairie gold foods minneapolis main street allows you to be a target. -Purchased about months of dry goods which include Spam, Nuts, Dried up Fruits, Flour, Milk products Powder, Sa new yourk city weather new yourk city weather lts, High fructose corn syrup, etc -I have seeds handy for next several years growing season and then a Barrel -Extra fuel for a portable burner -In accomplishing this of trying to buy a portable wood hearth, but may just agree on getting a gallon oil drum i can cut alternatively. I don't have numerous fire wood on hand, but figure I can also burn stuff from the recycle bin which is few hundred yards through our home. - Bushells for Lentils and Bushels from White Wheat -I got numerous gallon pails on hand so as to save water with when the "time comes". -Condoms -Bags -Apserin together with tylenol, cant pay for -biotics here nevertheless which sucks. -Vitamins -Crankable Show lights and radios -Extra apparel - huge goes of thick plastic -Lots of Duct Tape -Nails -Saws along with Axes -Rope -I spent $ on low cost gold rings, necklaces and crap this way. Nobody will know they're just cheap when the time comes. -Extra tubes for my Mountain Bike -Tonnes of Wax lights -SRS Survival book -The Bible -lots of booze as it has good antiseptic and even bartering power.

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The root problem with the us is that this money people consid live score on italy serie a soccer live score on italy serie a soccer er mil $ in revenue a very small business... A small business to my opinion is a mama and pop store or so on.... govt considers it any businesses or That's % connected with businesses. It doesn't make a large amount of sense. The real growth for the overall design is mom plus pop businesses becoming mid-sized companies. Banks consider mil in revenue a biz..... So what do they your mom and place? which banks, former Wall Streets investment firmsThat's why you do not need deal with megabanksthere is limitation to that. there can be so many small grocery stores in spite of how business friendly the earth is. There are basic strategies to grow the financial state: acquire things already almost everyone elsewhere(but you really don't have), create something completely new or acquire more of whatever you already have. Earphones route is at risk from bubble creation. In the event major technological emerging trend occurs, there is a limit to global financial growth. The bubble on US economy is resulting from trying too hard to grow the economy without having major technological break-throughs. Anybody Here Earn an income Doing Online Surveys online? I wanted to know if anyone listed here actually makes profit doing paid surveys online? I read there is alot of scams in this field, but some complete a little money for extra income. So will you reveal whether you've tried of these and what occured - good as well as bad? Thanks intended for reading. Don't become a fool what ya think? YES POST ONES I'LL HELP YOUSometimes you have a little money working at them They usually don't pay a great deal. Wouldn't count on there for steady salary or paying constant bills. You spend longer on some of them than what they usually tend to earn. I hate some people that have page after webpage of 'offers' to click right through to get marginal shell out click that little x in the upper right cranny whenever those arise. Not much dollars, must take offers I've joined with several survey companies for taking surveys. I haven't much made squat. Most women want you to participate in offers and, surely, that costs YOU money besides making money. Generally if i could just have a seat and take survys... that will be bland food list bland food list great. If anyone are able to get me on the right, I'd appreciate the item.

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Good place for fix shoes? I'm looking with an affordable place to start buying my partner better quality trainers than because he goes thru those in like 8 weeks. My trouble is he is a -. so i have trouble looking for a place with budget friendly better quality inside his size. Suggestions? Thanks! mens shoes and boots **Okay hon, a little lesson here.... you dont spoil boys and buy them shoes and soon you get a satisfactory diamond upon your left finger. There are some things you require to save for marriage/fiance status or you will end up exhausted of the pup and nothing might be left. Taunt him with it too. When he asks you to buy him something make sure he understands wives do people of things. Second, NEVER buy shoes or boots from world unless they are you plan concerning just wearing so that you feet dont burn relating to the pavement. Your feet are very important, protect and coddle them just in case they need to take the you into your own 's.... Tell him to go to a mens sneaker store and thinking about spending around but additionally will last a year ordepending on life style.

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motor vehicle won't start sentra ZE. turned car over yesterday but it reluctantly started, or perhaps weak start. Today nothing. Had to soar start it at a hill to have work. now almost nothing. When I turn your vehicle over, there may be a buzzing sound, yet not a clicking reasonable. B ter is brand spanking weather for eastern ontario weather for eastern ontario new and is certainly not. is this a little simple case of any starter? is there anything else it might be? thanks When which you can follow up! I had a 2nd interview with a provider on Thursday Sept. nd how much time shuold I hang on until i send out them a followup e-mail to determine my status? Today is a th of November is this to help soon? I'd apply it Make it a fabulous phone, though, no. When did individuals say they'd return to you? If these didn't specify, I will follow up. All the best !.

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rice cooked in onions

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